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> Op 1 mrt. 2017, om 13:02 heeft John Crispin <john at> het volgende geschreven:
>> @lede: everyone, its time to say what you think. people have made a
> start now and your opinion is valid and important whether it is pro or con
> Maybe we can speed this process up a bit. I get the impression that
> everyone is eager to remerge and that the branding is the actual topic
> that is blocking this. We could simply make 2 votes
> 1) do we want to remerge
Those at OpenWRT probably would want to, but I consider the LEDE open social contract a great asset and would rather not not see it impeded by interests that seemed to have obstructed development at openwrt.

> 2) do we want to rebrand
For any knowledgable person LEDE has become the project that is showing great promise and in its short existence has proven to function rather well.
Who cares anymore more OpenOffice ?

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Obiter LF: Microsoft is a platinum member; know whose game one enters. It is one that at least warrants great cautiousness.

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