OpenWrt domain ownership

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Fri Jun 30 05:02:46 EDT 2017

Hi John,

Regarding the domain transfer:

To do the transfer, you have to unlock the domain and make it possible
to transfer.  You have to get an auth code to transfer and then
contact hostmaster at with the information so SPI can accept
the domain.

In terms of DNS, you have several options:

- Host your own DNS

- Have you hosted by SPI.

If you do the latter, please send the zone data.  We can give you
access to change it directly.


* John Crispin <john at> [2017-06-28 11:17]:
> Hi,
> As you probably know the OpenWrt project split up into two projects and has
> last week voted on remerging [1].
> As part of this remerge, two new liaisons have been appointed for the SPI.
> These are Imre and John. As a first step
> of the remerge it has been decided, that the domain ownership
> shall be passed on to a neutral entity which
> should ideally be the SPI. We hope this is feasible and would like to ask
> how best to proceed.
>     John
> [1]

Martin Michlmayr

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