Sponsor request

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Tue Jan 10 05:16:37 EST 2017

Dear Arve,

thank you very much for your sponsorship offer.

> We're a (small) fiber based ISP located in Norway with ongoing plans to
> release a new Wi-Fi platform (waves.io <http://waves.io>) based on
> OpenWRT/LEDE during summer 2017. I've noticed that LEDE needs a sponsor
> to help with the hosting bill, and perhaps other expenses, and this is
> where we might be able to contribute back.

The most pressing need I can think of right now is further compute nodes
to extend the buildbot cluster. There is some need for build machines
having having 2TB+ disk space in order to be able to incrementally build
releases. Is this something you would be able to offer?

> I've also registered that there are talks between OpenWRT and LEDE to
> reunite, and in that case, what will happen with the infrastructure? Is
> this a common need for both project so that the infrastructure would be
> re-used?

Yes, I expect the compute infrastructure to get re-used as the build
cluster is a common need of both projects.

> Could someone please elaborate a bit on what the sponsoring needs for
> LEDE is in 2017 and further?

With decreasing order of importance, the following items are needed:

 - Build cluster machines
 - CDN resources for distributing binaries

I think some of the developers would also appreciate a waves.io sample
unit :)

Since LEDE is no legal entity at the moment we'd rather not accept
monetary donations as we currently lack the infrastructure to properly
handle those.

@others: please chime in if you can think of anything more.

Kind regards,

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