State of the Union

Eric Schultz eschultz at
Tue Feb 28 17:05:04 EST 2017

> Before we schedule another meeting you should prepare a detailed agenda
> first to allow us to concentrate on the actual decision making.
> Some points that require agreements and resolutions are:
> 1) Website
>   a) Keep separate pages or merge them?
>   b) Who is taking care of hosting?
>   c) Who is taking care of the domain?
>   d) ...
> 2) Forum
>   a) Discourse or punBB?
>   b) What is speaking about having both?
>   c) ...
> 3) Wiki
>   a) Complete LEDE wiki with OpenWrt information?
>   b) Complete OpenWrt wiki with LEDE information?
>   c) Redirect one to the other or keep both? (Mind that LEDE uses its
>      wiki as main web presence)
> 4) Who is doing the legal paperwork, SPI etc.
>   a) Who is volunteering?
>   b) What are the requirements?
>   c) ...
> 5) Communication
>   a) Preparing a joint statement?
>   b) Who is moderating the remerge process?
>   c) Who keeps track of the merge process?
>   d) ...
> --
I second this idea. It might be easier for all participants if there was
a list of what's been agreed upon and what outstanding issues exist so
there's a clear plan for progress and resolution.

One other idea is an independent, trusted free software facilitator for
some difficult topics to help everyone through discussing these topics
and coming to agreement. They could also be involved in keeping track of
the process. Off the top of my head, Bradley Kuhn might be a good option
(although I have no clue if he'd be interested or able) and I'm sure
there are others.


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