Linux Foundation

Florian Fainelli f.fainelli at
Tue Feb 28 18:22:56 EST 2017

Hi all,

During ELC 2017 in Portland, I was approached by Mike Wosner from the
Linux Foundation, here is roughly what we talked about.

OpenWrt/LEDE are highly visible projects for the Linux Foundation
because they make use of Linux on millions of devices, and that alone is
something interesting for the foundation in itself because it goes well
with the idea of making Linux ubiquitous.

The LF is here to help us, for free (they clearly insisted on that) and
with no strings attached in any part that we may need their help for:

- managing the OpenWrt trademark (provided that we can transfer it from
SPI to somewhere else)

- facilitating the discussion between OpenWrt and LEDE towards bringing
the two teams together under one project

- subsiding travel for developers to attend OpenWrt summits and other
meetings required to help make the project successful

- helping with managing the servers, infrastructure, setting up
governance rules, etc. etc.

I don't have any stakes in having OpenWrt or LEDE under the Linux
Foundation. It is not entirely clear to me whether this will be
detrimental or beneficial towards the project(s) so anything done on
that front has to be a collective decision.

If we are serious about needing LF's help, we should be clear about what
we would want from them, under which conditions, and what could be the
collateral damages do prpl and SPI.

Mike indicated that they have been successful in the past with projects
that did split: node.js/io.js, Yocto with OE core etc. etc., so it
sounds like they have a proven track of helping projects come back
together. If nothing else, that might be one thing to get from the Linux

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