[RFC] Sponsorship Questions

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu Apr 20 11:32:24 EDT 2017

Hi list,

I'd like to discuss whats your stance on sponsorship for the LEDE
project is.

I've been asked off-list by an interested party what the requirements
are to become an officially recognized LEDE sponsor.

The sponsor is willing to provide computing resources and to make
hardware donations, along with potential financial support, depending on
the legal requirements etc.

In return, the interested party wants to be mentioned as a recognized
LEDE sponsor (which can e.g. happen in the form of a link / logo on the
LEDE project web page and an official announcement to the list) in order
to leverage this position when talking to OEMs and chipset manufacturers.

The potential sponsor is committed to support the open source
development at LEDE and trying to aid with development for hardware that
is covered by NDAs.

I have promised that I'll take the matter to the list in order to
facilitate more feedback on how to proceed and to gather a set of
opinions among the developers.

So the questions are:

1) Are you okay with endorsing a 3rd party as offical LEDE sponsor?
2) What are the rules you'd like to lay out for such a sponsorship?


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