Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Fri Oct 28 11:15:19 EDT 2016

Hi Rich,

I am not sure what kinds of implications there are when handling
monetary donations, therefore we avoided that topic so far.

I think at the very least there needs to be someone dedicated to
handling incoming money and maintaining a proper balance sheet so that
people see what money is spent where. Insights or suggestions are quite
welcome here :)

It probably boils down to the need to be a legal entity or to use escrow
services of an existing entity like Linux foundation.

That said, the current running costs are:

- 3x 49,00 Eur / month for three Hetzner EX40 servers [1] serving as
  download master and build server

- 1x 13 Eur / year for the domain

John pays two of the three Hetzner servers while Felix pays the third
one and  I am handling the remaining domain fees atm.

The rest of the services runs on donated resources with the Digital
Ocean open source support program providing the backbone of our
remaining infrastructure (forum, wiki, ...).

Immediate needs in the near future are:

- One or two more (Hetzner) servers to provide build services for the
  upcoming release since we're at 1.4T of 1.8T disk utilization on the
  existing machines now

Right now the easiest would be if someone simply rents those servers and
hands out access to them until the project eventually gains the ability
to properly handle financial donations.

If there are other opinions then please share them :)



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