Steps for switching www to wiki

Rich Brown richb.hanover at
Sun Nov 20 09:16:22 EST 2016

Proposed process for switching the main web presence for LEDE to the current wiki. Please give comments on these and any additional steps we'd need to take. Thanks.


Cutover: These steps should be done fairly close together for a smooth transition:

1) Change DNS A record and corresponding virtualhost files so that (and both go to the current wiki at

2) Retain the current asciidoc-based site with the URL of

3) Update the asciidoc site to indicate that it is an archive of the original site, no longer maintained, and send readers to

4) Retain the URL, so external links don't break.

Maintenance tasks:

1) Monitor 404s on the wiki, to notice external links that go awry. Set up redirection for pages that seem to be popular.

2) In the fullness of time, convert references to "the wiki" to something like "this site" (or eliminate the need for the reference altogether).

3) Add a link on the wiki to the archive at

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