Becoming a mirror (rsync, ftp, http) for the LEDE Project

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Thu May 19 10:58:45 EDT 2016

Hi Willem,

> I'm sorry about the delay. Had a well deserved vacation from work so no
> computer for a few days. Works very refreshingly, I can recommend it! :)

no problem :)

> I have a rsync running every 12 hours, by advice of the download site
> you mentioned. in your previous mail.
> I started the download from the German host but reverted back to the url
> "rsync://" after reading the site. I
> noticed it is downloading a lot more new things from the downloads.lede
> address, is the German site lagging behind?

yes, a little bit. The builders produce new files almost hourly atm and
I haven't yet decided on how to implement a suitable staging mechanism
in order to publish the files to the download master in an atomic manner
at predefined intervals.

> In regards to Daniel his question in the e-mail, it seems downloads from
> the rsync of "larger" files don't seem to go
> above 1MiB/s;

Hm too sad, I suppose it is some Hezner peering thing, at least I don't
know what else could slow down unencrypted rsync.

> Getting back on the question of my first e-mail; I also noticed the
> rsync address of downloads.lede is hosting a few more repositories then
> just the "downloads" section. Would you like us to get the others as
> well or just the content from "downloads" ?

The stuff from downloads is the most important to us, the sources should
get mirrored eventually but someone pointed out that the broadcom
firmware files on it might violate some redistribution license terms so
it is probably better if you do not copy it just yet.

The "openwrt" repository contains a one-time copy of which is about 720GB in size, it contains all
OpenWrt binary releases made so far. If you have that much space to
spare then feel free to mirror it.

> -- buildbot        Snapshot builds
> -- openwrt         OpenWrt Archive
> -- downloads       LEDE Downloads
> -- sources         LEDE Sources
> -- snapshot-uploads        Uploads
> When the download is done you should be able to access them via both
> urls below. If you also would like a rsync address then I would have to
> talk with my administrator for setting it up, as it's not configured by
> default:

FTP and HTTP is fine for now.

> (For the "stats hungry", the http site shows a "current" bandwidth meter
> below, it's total for all the software the machine offers)


> #.
> #.
> From what I can tell, the "snapshots" directory is around 32G in size.
> I noticed on the download page you set the country name in front of the
> mirror, which in our case would be "The Netherlands" or just "Holland".
> If possible, could you also include the text "sponsored by the SNT,
> University of Twente"? (bit long, sorry about that)

I'll do my best. Since nobody objected I assume this is okay.

> Enjoy! ...and happy downloading :)

Thanks again and kind regards,

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