[Summit-committee] OpenWrt summit by prpl

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Mon May 16 09:07:57 EDT 2016

Hi Luka,

On 05/16/2016 01:47 PM, Luka Perkov wrote:
> Hi Hauke,
> On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 12:44:50AM +0200, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
>> When I use OpenWrt in this mail, I mean OpenWrt and LEDE, I hope we come
>> to a solution in the next days on this.
> It is strange to see you defining OpenWrt and LEDE as a same project -
> especially due to the fact that LEDE is a fork (if you don't believe me
> take a look at LEDE commit logs).

My assumption and hope is that we will come to a conclusion on the
OpenWrt LEDE split in the next weeks.

> To make things worse we've witnessed
> that LEDE team members have been closing tickets or putting them in
> "wontfix" state on official OpenWrt bugtracker - the fixes or
> improvements did not land in OpenWrt while at the same time implementing
> those changes in LEDE.

I have closed some tickets with wount fix, when I think that the
probability that someone will fix this problem because this ticket is
open is under 5%. OpenWrt already has too many open tickets and I think
it is better for a reporter when someone tells him that nobody will look
into his problems then letting him wait for years without any response.
I do not know if you are referring to the tickets I closed or to others.

> While I don't mind in LEDE taking it's own
> direction I do not approve this kind of behavior. Do you mind
> explaining what does LEDE or its developers want to gain from such
> actions?

Can you please give me an example, I haven't looked through the issue

> Furthermore, I also find it extremely unprofessional to see you make
> claims such as this one, c/p from Kathy's meeting summary: "Hauke
> mentioned that some core developers don't like prpl." Who are these
> "core" developers who make such claims? Are they even involved anymore
> with OpenWrt?

When we talked internally on the openwrt-hackers mailing list about the
prpl funding, I got the impression that there are some problems between
some active OpenWrt developers and prpl. For me it looks like there is a
lot of stuff going on in private and I only get half of the picture.
I personally think we should take the support form prpl and just take
care that OpenWrt and/or LEDE don't get controlled by prpl, but I do not
think they ant and are about to control OpenWrt and/or LEDE.

I still see me as an OpenWrt core developer and from want I heard form
many of the LEDE committers they too.

>> prpl wants to organize an OpenWrt summit again. Their goal is to bring
>> the community, industry and developers together. Currently this is in
>> planing and I want to know what should happen so that more developers
>> and more members of the community would come to such an event.
> I personally support prpl in this efforts due to the fact that last
> summit was great and they did a good job with the conference and
> organization.

I also liked it and I also want to support prpl with the next one. The
purpose of this mail was to get more people from the community to the
summit. Last time most of the people at the OpenWrt summit were send by
their companies and I missed the Freifunk people and so on.

>> There are different ideas on how to organize such an event:
>> 1. prpl organizes an event co located with the Embedded Linux conference
>> this October in Berlin.
>> 2. prpl organizes an event co located with Battlemesh next year in May.
>> 3. Some people from OpenWrt organize an event in Prague at CZ.NIC.
>> CZ.NIC would provide a location and local logistics, prpl could help
>> with finance.
> I am okay with all options but due to the efforts shown by CZ.NIC I'm
> most likely going to give my vote to Prague.

Thanks for your opinion. That was the purpose of this mail to inform
many people and to get more opinions so that nobody feels excluded and
we get a better summit. I think prpl improved there and tries to be more

>> It is also possible to do more than one solution or combine them.
>> Are there some people interested in organizing this by themselves with
>> the help of CZ.NIC, then we could go with this solution?
>> If nobody is interested in organizing this I would like to see it co
>> located with the ELCE and the Battlemesh next year.
>> No final name for this event was chosen. The current suggestion is
>> "OpenWrt summit by prpl" or something similar.
> If prpl organizes the event and/or gives funding for it they should be
> credited for doing it.

I have no problem with the name. I know that some people could have some
problems with that so I want to have it addressed early.


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