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Jo -

Response (less that 1hr) from EasyDNS regarding you question.

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Subject: [EASYDNS #483037]: Caprica Support Request: DNS queries - usage counting

hi there

A DNS query happens when any information concerning your domain name is asked directly from our nameservers.
This would not include any cached values that your local nameservers already have... but when they are scheduled to look for new 
information based on the Time To Live SOA setting you have created for the domain name// they will look for new data and that would 
be a dns query.

at present only Enterprise domains pay the overage fees of $2.00 per million per domain name per month but e will be billing for DNS 
queries on all service levels soon./

once a service level cap is reached the service would continue and at the end of that month an overage invoice would be generated,

I hope this helps.


Thank you
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