Staging gitolite (draft)

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Mon May 2 11:07:04 EDT 2016

Hi Ted

> No problem - I'll setup a new temp account and then flip it to 'git' and import the
> repos, fixup permissions, ownership, etc. Note: the only real significant difference
> will be the replacement of the .ssh/authorized-keys file. 

OK - sounds reasonable

> I can setup the gitolite stuff later today and it should be live sometime
> tomorrow. I'll send out a preliminary access config list. I need user-names
> and ssh pubkeys for folks who have non-readonly access. I think I can rework
> the keys you already have setup. 

Iirc there's no special permissions yet, everyone being present now gets
rw access to all repos. I prepared an archive in /home/git/keys.tar.gz
which contains all ssh pubkeys in the form <username>.pub - hth.

> Things may be a little more open that we want initially. I'll tighten things
> down as we go forward. We may want to differentiate between those who have
> write/commit access (ff-only) and those who have delete/rewind/tags/branches, etc.

That should be no problem - the only requirement is that we disable
force-pushes and deletions on source.git. Also everything in openwrt/
should be readonly.

>> I suppose we need an SMTP smart host for that? There is none right now
>> but we could just use a gmail account.
> Yup - either.

Ok, then lets just use the gmail account we use for the FB / Twitter
etc. stuff as well - blogic can you share the credentials for it?

~ Jow

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