[RFC] Rethink the voting / decision making process

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu May 26 09:03:11 EDT 2016


as you might have noticed, the current voting rules are extremely
simple, IRC centric and not clearly defined.

In order to reach a wider audience I'd ask for your input on how we
could rework that mechanism to be more fair and representing in the future.

Below are a few random thoughts of mine, with no particular opinion from
my side yet.

1) Decouple voting right from committer right

Does it make sense at all to keep the committer / voter coupling at all?
Would it help to redefine committer as someone whose changes got merged?

2) Dealing with inactive persons

Shall inactive persons lose their voting rights at all? Do we even need
such a mechanism? Shall we maybe just count majorities within a circle
of people attending / registering for a vote? That would probably
eliminate the inactive people problem...

3) Voting process

During various IRC sessions we decided to try http://liquidfeedback.org/
- imho this would remove the real time IRC constraints from votes and
any topic could be freely decided by each member within a suitable time
frame. Is there anyone with experience in Liquid Feedback who likes to
share some insights?

4) Voting proposals

How shall we decide what to even vote on? Shall anyone be free to
propose something? If so, how?

Looking forward to any feedback,
~ Jo

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