gitolite/gitweb - User created repos

Ted Hess thess at
Wed May 11 10:23:23 EDT 2016

Hi guys -

There seems to be some confusion about the creation and management of personal
repositories. There should not be any need to change the gitolite-admin config
info to create, manage access and display user created repos. All management
operations on your private repos (including making them public) can be
accomplish via gitolite commands using 'ssh'. In fact, gitolite gets a bit
confused and out of sync if files in the /home/git/repository directory are
twiddled without care. If you must do this directly, be sure to have read all
the WARNINGS in the gitolite doc about doing this.

After creating the repo as in my previous note about these. You can:

* <repo-name> in the following examples are usually in the form
'lede/<user>/<repo>' where <repo> is the name without the '.git' extension.

* <user> is your gitolite name associated with your public key and will be the
owner (CREATOR) of the repo.

Make repo visible to gitweb:
 $ ssh git at perms <repo-name> + READERS gitweb

Add others as wanted to either to the READERS and/or WRITERS roles which are
relative to your repo. Currently only the CREATOR has full-modification access,
WRITERS have fast-forward only access.

Allow read access via ssh to everyone:
 $ ssh git at perms <repo-name> + READERS @all

Allow push permission to jow nbd:
 $ ssh git at perms <repo-name> + WRITERS jow
 $ ssh git at perms <repo-name> + WRITERS nbd

There are many, many other possibilities with gitolite management, defaults, and automatic git config options. Please don't hesitate to ask if you want something added or changed. There are even some very useful mirroring options that we may want to employ.

Last note (for now):
If you do import/create a repo directly in the /home/git/repository path, be
sure the owner/group info and the permissions are congruent with gitolite and
gitweb usage. In addition to that you MUST 'su -l git' and run 'gitolite setup'
to finish the import into gitolite management. User created repos MUST be
managed entirely thru gitolite SSH access.



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