Gitolite setup

Ted Hess thess at
Wed May 4 14:23:47 EDT 2016

Hi all -

Last nites cut-over went well. The only problem was a slight glitch with SSL
access which jow fixed this AM.

Attached is the current set of privs and groups. It was just a first pass at a
profile so please send me any changes to the config desired if you are not in
the "git-admins" group. The "repo-admins" group can do non-fast-forward commits,
branches, deletions, etc. Everyone else is in the "commit" group.

Anyone in the "commit" group can also create a private repo and have complete
control over it's visibility in gitweb and who can have READ or WRITE access.
The repo name must be in the form: "lede/<user>/.../<repository>. You can also
add addition path elements if you want to have more structure. Your gitolite
user name is taken from your pub-key registered in the keyring.


# Create an empty repo
$ git clone git at
Initialized empty Git repository in ...
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

# Alternate method (clone and preserve an upstream reference)
$ git clone git at
$ git remote rename origin upstream
$ git remote add origin git at
$ git branch -u origin/master
$ git push
Initialized empty Git repository in ...

See "ssh git at perms -h" for help setting permissions for
other users in either/both the READERS and WRITERS roles lists for your repo.
Initially, your repo is only accessible to you.

To make the repo visible via "gitweb" by adding the special user "gitweb" to

That's about it for now -- feedback welcome.

Complete gitolite doc at:

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# User groups
@git-admins	= admin thess jow blogic
@repo-admins	= jow blogic nbd
@commit		= jow thess blogic hauke nbd cyrus dangole neoraider stintel noltari lynxis

# Repositories
@lede-repos	= source web keyring buildbot
@owrt-mirrors	= openwrt/source openwrt/packages openwrt/feeds openwrt/docs

repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   @git-admins

repo @lede-repos
    RW+     =   @repo-admins admin
    RW      =   @commit
    R       =   @all

repo @owrt-mirrors
    R       =   @all

repo lede/CREATOR/..*
    C       =	@commit admin
    RW+     =	CREATOR
    RW      =	WRITERS
    R       =	READERS

repo testing
    RW+     =   @repo-admins thess
    RW      =   @all

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