Request to increas rights in flyspray to enhance Lede support

John Crispin john at
Wed Jun 29 09:00:18 EDT 2016

On 29/06/2016 14:43, Bluse wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I am an active Lede and former OpenWrt user and developer where I administrate about 200 Lede nodes in our Freifunk network, I am quite into the support of our users and as I like the supporter work, I am willing to enhance the Lede flyspray ticket system as well. Hence I would like to request / discuss higher rights for my account (Bluse-Blue, h2o-post at
> What am I willing to provide / help:
> -managing tickets and flyspay templates in order to speed up support work
> -from one of my former work experience as second level EMEA support, I do like the approach of proper templates for basic system information every ticket should have included. E.g. Lede OS, version, hardware platform ect. should be known in the ticket metadata and I am willing to adapt Flyspray to get such meta data.
> -to reduce the amount of repetitive questions to every new ticket reporter about symptoms, steps to reproduce and current workaround, such things should be default fillings from every new ticket
> -with one of my student I am working on a system info deamon, that would automate the relevant (and anonymised) meta data collection of any Lede system in order to add those info to a support ticket
> That is pretty much all I would and could offer. My current Flyspray status as reporter is not sufficient to add such changes.
> As I am not aware of the process of who and how the Flyspray system is maintained right now, I am sending to this list. In case I should participate in a
> Lede meeting for further discussions, I am looking forward to do so.
> Greetings from Berlin
> Thomas aka Bluse
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works for me, lets wait 24 hours to see if we get any unlikely(vetos)
and then i'll bump the account.


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