[RFC] Rethink the voting / decision making process

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Sun Jun 5 11:55:54 EDT 2016


so thinking more about it and about the input of your guys I'd propose
the following adjustments:

- We define the group of voters as those people being mentioned on the
  about page and decouple the commit requirement, means commit access
  implies voting but not every voter must be a committer

- Appointing new voters happens after a simple majority decision

People qualifying as voters are those being publicly active in the
package feeds or mailing lists, regardless of whether this activity
happens in the form of patches or general feedback.

It is then up to the people deciding on the appointment to judge whether
some suggested person qualifies.

I like the idea of technical subcommittees but I am not sure whether
we're a big enough group for this yet - it probably makes no sense to
divide 13 people into several committees, for me this sounds like
something that should be done if the project approaches the 50-100
people mark.

~ Jo

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