Mirror in Asia/Singapore

Andrew Yong me at ndoo.sg
Wed Jul 6 11:30:41 EDT 2016

Dear LEDE Project,

I have set up a mirror at rsync, ftp, http://mirror.0x.sg/lede/ - it
is configured to pull every 6 hours from
rsync://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/lede/ (I am not using the main LEDE
mirror as the download from there is too slow)

I would be happy if you list it on the LEDE project website. Sponsor
is "Andrew Yong" (no need to link that to any website).

Please let me know if you would like to push-rsync to my mirror, we
can work together on configuring an allowed IP/rsync module for that.

I am also happy to offer CPU for a buildbot, however the geographic
distance may cause slow transfers. Let me know if you are interested.
My server is an 8C/16T Xeon D-1541 with 128GiB RAM running FreeBSD, I
could spin a jail for LEDE if the build system works in FreeBSD.


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