Release planning

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Thu Dec 22 07:45:00 EST 2016

Hi Rafał,

> 1) Possible brcmfmac fix
> I'm working on this for last few days, if that happens to work, it may
> improve brcmfmac stability.


> 2) Better support for tri-band devices in brcmfmac
> I didn't start working on this yet, but it should be easy and many
> people were complaining on this issue.


> 3) Per device rootfs for brcm47xx
> Everything is prepared, I just need to make sure rootfs don't get
> bigger and then I need to specify packages.


> This gives us a very short period for working on extra features, I'd
> appreciate something like 2 weeks at least.

Sure thing, realistically I think the branching will happen early
sometime in January.

~ Jo

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