Re-integrating LEDE and OpenWrt communities

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Tue Dec 6 09:57:08 EST 2016

Hi Rich,

in our previous telephone conference this topic was more or less postponed.

Ideally I'd like to let the community decide by itself with the
LEDE/OpenWrt/whatever project merely providing the resources and some
technical help.

There's obviously a problem with having two forums, two wikis etc. in
the long run and I personally see the largest pain points with the forum
as LEDE's current choice of discourse seems to provoke some rather
strong like and dislike reactions.

Unifying the wiki should be easier imho as there's a large overlap in
information and implementation there.

I'd say the best that can be done currently is to wait and see how
things shape out in the end to avoid unnecessary, preliminary work.

~ Jo

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