[LEDE-DEV] Release planning

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Thu Dec 22 07:19:46 EST 2016

On 2016-12-21 20:13, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> - Are there any outstanding changes?
>    Is there important changes we should wait for before branching the
>    release? Is there pending stuff in the staging trees which should
>    absolutely go into the first release?
Bump musl to a newer head? (or better to backport some fixes?)

I see a lot of fixes since 1.1.15 on important parts which could 
influence stability as a lot of packages depend on musl:


Some examples:
     fix build regression on archs with variable page size
     fix swprintf internal buffer state and error handling
     fix integer overflow of tm_year in __secs_to_tm
     fix minor problem in previous strtod non-nearest rounding bug fix
     fix strtod int optimization in non-nearest rounding mode
     fix strtod and strtof rounding with many trailing zeros
     fix gratuitous undefined behavior in strptime
     fix float formatting of some exact halfway cases
     add pthread_setname_np (useful for debugging)
     fix clock_nanosleep error case
     math: fix pow signed shift ub
     fix integer overflows and uncaught EOVERFLOW in printf core
     fix integer overflow in float printf needed-precision computation
     fix regexec with haystack strings longer than INT_MAX
     fix missing integer overflow checks in regexec buffer size computations
     fix strftime %y for negative tm_year
     fix getservby*_r result pointer value on error
     fix undefined behavior in sched.h cpu_set_t usage
     add missing *_unlocked and wcsftime_l prototypes to wchar.h
     fix if_indextoname error case
     fix ifru_data and ifcu_buf types in net/if.h
     fix printf regression with alt-form octal, zero flag, and field width
     fix FFSYNC by changing it to O_SYNC
     verify that ttyname refers to the same file as the fd
     fix pread/pwrite syscall calling convention on sh
     fix regression in tcsetattr on all mips archs
     fix asctime day/month names not to vary by locale

Please share your view on this one :-)


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