retiring issue tracker at github?

John Crispin john at
Wed Aug 31 11:44:31 EDT 2016

On 30/08/2016 22:56, Ted Hess wrote:
> Proposal - Add issue template to github telling users to use bugs.lede-
> until we close it out entirely.
> Check out:
> If no objections, I'll merge this to our github mirror.
> /ted


jonas would like to also include the closed tickets in FS.
i would suggest we proceed as follows
1) ted/john manually c&p the 20 open issues
2) jonas sees how to dump the closed ones using the github API
3) someone needs to figure out how to import the ~200 clsoed ones into
the FS sql table

3 should not stop 1/2 from happening. i would rather we close github
issues asap. would that work for everyone ?


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